At Littleways Day Nursery we aim to provide the children with a healthy and nutritious diet. The food is mainly vegetarian and fish.

The nursery caters for all dietary requirements and allergies.

There is a separate menu for babies and all the food is made fresh each day on the nursery premises. Babies are weaned from 6 months after consultation with parents.

Sample Menu

  Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea
Monday Porridge Vegetable Jalousie
Bananas & custard
Tomato soup served with bread rolls
Tuesday Selection of cereal Cheese and onion pie served with baked beans
Selection of Fruits
Tea cake
Celery and carrot sticks
Wednesday Wholemeal toast served with sugarfree jam Vegetable Lasagne
Fromage frais
Potato cakes
Pepper sticks and cucumber sticks
Thursday Fruit loaf Cauliflower bake served with garlic wedges
Ice cream
Selection of sandwiches with salads
Friday Toasted tea cakes Vegetable chilli with rice
Selections of fresh fruits
Fresh fruits

Water, milk and fresh fruits will be offered to all of the children during meals and snacks time.