My daughter has been going to Littleways since she was 10 months old and she loves it! The staff are lovely and I am confident that she is learning and growing every day in the safe and caring environment. The manager is very approachable and responsive to parents queries. I am very happy that we chose Littleways for our daughter.

Sarah, Parent

Our son has attended Littleways since he was 9 months old. We chose Littleways as it seemed to have a much more personal touch than the bigger chain nurseries.

And we were right. Our son is known by all of the staff and he knows each and every one of them. He has built excellent relationships at Littleways, and they with us. We’ve found everyone at Littleways to be approachable and ‘hands on’, involved with the children each day, including the owner, management team and Carol the cook – which perhaps would not be true of larger nurseries.

It’s not just the staff, despite being based in different rooms the children all know our son and he knows them. It’s this social experience that has reinforced our belief that we made the right choice.

All in all we are very happy with Littleways and we really do believe that they have played a vital part in the development of our very bright (and cheeky!) son. We would be happy to recommend Littleways to anyone in need of childcare and we look forward to our younger son also benefiting from the excellent care that Littleways offers.

Stephen, Parent

Leaving my daughter in nursery for the first time was so hard! Littleways staff were so kind to her and I knew she would be just fine. 2 years later, my daughter is a happy chatty and confident 3 year old. She is so outgoing and good at sharing and I really think that her experience at Littleways has helped to develop that in a significant way. The staff are kind, loving and just great fun making it a great environment for learning and socialising”. (Triona)

Triona, Parent

Teaching is rooted in a secure knowledge of the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and a comprehensive understanding of how children learn. Staff practice is good and in several instances outstanding.


A safe and stimulating environment.


Nice, friendly environment, nice staff. Variety of resources for the children, both indoors and outdoors.


Fantastic overall!