Parent Info

Parent/Carer Partnership

As parents/ carer you will have a very clear idea of what you want for your child and our partnership with you is to promote the needs of your child.
Before your child starts nursery we like to spend time with you and your child, by way of the free trial sessions. We will keep you informed of your child’s day by a written diary and by regular communication with the staff involved with your child’s care that day. Should you have any concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to speak to the nursery manager who will be able to help.

Equal Opportunity

Our nursery promotes Equality of Opportunity for all children. As part of our ethos, all children irrespective of their race, colour, disability, ethnic, gender, religion are treated as individuals and all our staff follow the nursery’s code of practice on equal opportunities.

We promote positive images of male and female roles, people with disabilities and from all races and cultures. We also acknowledge that not all children live in the stereotypical family unit. Books, activities and learning experiences are carefully planned to give an accurate reflection of our world. The nursery has an equal opportunities policy and is updated yearly.

Child Protection

We have a duty, by law to follow the MSCB procedures for the children in our care for their welfare and protection. Should we have any concerns regarding suspected abuse, we will work with parents and the local social services child protection unit. Staffs are aware of procedures for handling such cases, and receive training to support them. There is a designated member of staff with special training in this area, who by working with the family where appropriate can support the child’s needs.


At Littleways Day Nursery we aim to provide the children with a healthy and nutritious diet. The food is mainly vegetarian and fish. The nursery caters for all dietary requirements and allergies.

There is a separate menu for babies and all the food is made fresh each day on the nursery premises. Babies are weaned from 6 months after consultation with parents. You can view sample menus by clicking here.